Master of Science

The Department of Engineering Technology at the University of North Texas is one of about 25 departments in the US that offers a program leading to a Master of Science in Engineering Technology (MSET). Full-time students may be able to complete the degree plan in 3 semesters.  The following degree options are offered:

  1. A 30-semester-hour thesis option consisting of 24 semester hours of graduate course work plus a 6-credit Thesis completed with MSET 5950 typically in two consecutive semesters.
  2. A 33-semester-hour non-thesis option consisting of 30 semester hours of graduate course work and one of two choices:
    • Project-Option: a 3-credit Project completed with MSET 5930 typically in the last semester.
    • Course-Only Option: a 3-hour integrative course that depends on your concentration area.

Normally, students are initially admitted to the 33-hour Course-Only Option.  After the first or second semester and based on academic performance and availability of funded projects, students may transfer to the Project or Thesis options.  A list of recent faculty scholarship and student Projects and Theses is found at

The MSET degree is offered in the following concentrations:

MSET Degree Plans 

Construction Management

  • Thesis Option degree Plan (PDF) (Word)
  • Project (non-thesis) Option Plan degree (PDF) (Word)
  • Integrative Course Option degree Plan (PDF) (Word)

Electrical Systems

We are no longer accepting new applications to this program.

The Electrical Systems (ELSY) master’s program builds on a Digital Technology core knowledge that advances you for immediate employment in virtually any industry. In addition to courses in project management and in advanced math and statistics analytical preparedness, the following courses constitute the technical core of ELSY:

  • Digital Systems
    • MSET 5300 Embedded Systems Organization: CPU architecture & software development in assembly and C for embedded systems
    • MSET 5340 Digital Logic Design Techniques: design, simulation & implementation of digital logic & sequential machines, use of Verilog and VHDL programming languages
  • Digital Communications
    • MSET 5320 Intro to Telecommunications: communications fundamentals and DSP
    • MSET 5321 Software-Defined Radio (SDR): implementation of radio functionality using SDR technologies in digital communication systems
  • Digital Controls & Instrumentation
    • MSET 5310 Industrial Process Controls: automatic feedback control design for implementation with a digital embedded system
    • MSET 5330 Instrumentation System Design: an integrative look at analog-to-digital virtual instrumentation
  • Thesis Option degree plan (PDF) (Word)
  • Project (non-thesis) Option degree plan (PDF) (Word)
  • Integrative Course Option degree plan (PDF) (Word)

Engineering Management

  • Integrative Course Option degree plan (PDF) (Word)

Mechanical Systems

  • Thesis Option degree plan (PDF) (Word)
  • Project (non-thesis) Option degree plan (PDF) (Word)
  • Integrative Course Option degree plan (PDF) (Word)

Each student's program is planned under the direction of a chosen major professor prior to completion of the first semester of graduate study. The student will be admitted to candidacy when the degree plan is approved by the graduate dean.

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