Dr. Reza Mirshams


Dr. Reza Mirshams

Email: Reza.Mirshams@unt.edu

Phone: 940-565-2594

Fax: 940-565-2666

Office: NTRP F128

Faculty Page: https://faculty.unt.edu/editprofile.php?pid=1476

Areas of Research
Microstructure-processing-mechanical properties of advanced engineered materials
Deformation mechanisms in nano and micro scales
Nanocrystalline Ni, Al-Li alloys. nickel superalloys. and titanium alloys for aerospace applications

Dr. Mirshams is an established researcher with projects sponsored by well-known organizations (NASA, NSF, U.S. Army, DOE, Lockheed Martin, etc.). His research interests include mechanical behavior of materials-microstructure-deformation processing relations, manufacturing processes, mechanical properties of materials in small scales, and the study of nanocrystalline and thin films for structural applications in mechanical systems. He has vast amount of experience mentoring graduate research work in these areas.


  • Ph.D., Industrial Metallurgy and Metallurgical Engineering, University of Birmingham, England, 1980
  • MS, Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, University of Tehran, 1973

Selected Publications:

  • Vadalakonda, S., Banerjee, R., Puthcode, A. & Mirshams, R. (2006). Comparison of Incipient Plasticity in bcc and fcc Metals Using Nanoindentation, Materials Science and Engineering A, pp. 208-13.
  • Mirshams, R. A. & Pothapragada, R. M. (2006). Correlation of Nanoindentation Measurements of Nickel with Geometrically Different Indenter Tips, Acta Materialia, pp. 1123-34.
  • Yin, W. M., Whang, S. H. & Mirshams, R. A. (2005). Effect of Interstitials on Tensile Strength and Creep in Nanostructured Ni, Acta Materialia, pp. 383-92.
  • Pothapradaga, R. M., Mirshams, R. A. & Vadlakonda, S. (2005). Effect of Pile-up in Nanoindentation of Micro and Nano Crystalline Ni Using FEM, Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. Vol. 880E, BB7.9.1
  • Parakala, P., Mirshams, R. A., Nasrazadani, S. & Lian, K. (2003). Effects of Thickness and Indenter Geometry in Nanoindentation of Nickel Thin Films, MRS Proceedings, Vol. 795, U11.19.1.

Faculty Activities:

  • Received research grants from NSF, DOD, DOE and several state agencies.
  • Author of more than 50 journal articles and proceedings