Study Abroad

Do you want to broaden your personal and educational perspectives? Are you interested in traveling? Do you want to experience a foreign culture first hand?

The University of North Texas’ Study Abroad programs allow you to enjoy life-changing and rewarding experiences while pursuing your bachelor’s degree. Programs are available for almost every major and academic term. Some opportunities can extend for up to one year. You decide what kind of program meets your unique needs and interests.

Reasons for enrolling in a Study Abroad program include a desire to:

  • experience a different culture while gaining a better understanding and a new appreciation of that culture
  • become fluent in a foreign language
  • learn from professors who can provide wider perspectives on a subject area
  • see historical monuments and famous art first hand
  • expand your employment possibilities
  • discover a passion for travel
  • gain a competitive edge for graduate school
  • dispel stereotypes as you interact with people who may not think or communicate like you

International experience is a critical and impressive part of any résumé and helps set you apart from the competition. Multilingual and multicultural experiences and skills can enhance your ability to handle challenging situations.

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