Graduate Advising

Advising Appointments

Current students should consult with their Major Professor or the individual faculty representative in the Graduate Program Committee for advice on any academic or career-related question.

Finding Research Groups & Research Advisors

Graduate students that choose the thesis option are expected to join a research group no later than the end of their first semester in the program. TA/RA recipients are required to choose the thesis option.

Non-thesis students are also encouraged to find their research advisors before the end of their first year in the program.

Degree Plans & Admission to Candidacy

All graduate students need to prepare a degree plan based on the department’s degree requirements and seek approval from the department and the college no later than the end of their second semester in the program. A student's degree plan is scheduled under the direction of a chosen major professor/advisor during the first semester of graduate study. When the degree plan is approved by the dean of the Toulouse Graduate School, the student is admitted to candidacy.

Other Graduate Advising Resources

The Toulouse Graduate School also offers advising services and many resources for graduate students of all disciplines. Please visit

The UNT Catalog offers information regarding required and suggested classes. To access the UNT Graduate Catalog, visit the UNT Catalog homepage (, then select Graduate Catalog in the drop-down menu at top-right. In the catalog, you can find lists of courses, course descriptions, academic requirements and other helpful resources.