Senior Design

Senior Design Day

Senior Design is the capstone undergraduate design project of the Department of Engineering Technology.

Students apply what they have learned in the classroom to develop a solution to a real-world issue, taking on roles as designers, testers and project managers. Employer sponsors, or local industry leaders, act as their clients, providing feedback and review throughout the project.

What will I do in Senior Design?

Senior Design is a two-course sequence taken during a student’s last year in the engineering technology program. During the first semester, students divide into teams of four to six, research and select an issue, then design its solution. Throughout the process, each team works closely with a faculty advisor to ensure that their project yields high quality results. Meetings also take place periodically with the client for information gathering, progress reviews and design presentations.

In the second semester, student ideas are brought to life by prototype construction, testing and final analysis. The sequence culminates with Design Day, a college-wide event where teams from each engineering department present projects to engineering faculty members and industry leaders.

Become a professional sponsor

Industry professionals commit about 5-10 hours per month serving as a Senior Design client. Sponsors submit a real-world issue existing in the engineering industry today and provide feedback and review as students develop solutions to that issue. Past sponsors have included:

  • Bell Helicopter
  • Peterbilt Motors Company
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Eagle’s Nest
  • NASA

If you are an professional working in the engineering industry or local engineering company and would like to become a Senior Design sponsor, please contact the Department of Engineering Technology. Please also visit the College of Engineering website for more information about Capstone sponsorship.