Undergraduate Advising

The Department of Engineering Technology's undergraduate advisor is Dr. Robert Hayes.

To set up an advising appointment contact us at:

University of North Texas Discovery Park
3940 N. Elm, Suite F-115

Degree Plans

UNT recommends that all undergraduate students contact an advisor for assistance in building their own unique degree plan. Advisors can ensure that each student receives detailed information regarding requirements and expectations for their respective degree and education path. Students can discuss their degree plan with their research advisor, or if the student does not have a research advisor, they can discuss the degree plan with an ET faculty advisor.

The following are examples of recommended undergraduate courses of study:

Degree Audits

Each student must have a degree audit on file in order to graduate. A degree audit lists all the courses needed to complete your degree and shows how all the courses you have completed are being applied toward your degree.

Learn more about how to get a degree audit.

Other Undergraduate Advising Resources

College of Engineering Advising Office

The College of Engineering advising office also includes advisors and counselors who assist students through support activities such as:

  • New Student Orientations
  • Clarification of UNT policies and procedures
  • Clarification of College of Engineering policies and procedures
  • Choosing a major and/or minor and/or certificate
  • Clarification of degree requirements
  • Assistance with registration issues
  • Creation and maintenance of degree audits (plans)
  • Approve or deny graduation
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  • Referrals for university services such as tutoring and mentoring, financial aid and scholarships, disability accommodation, job-hunting, etc.

To schedule an appointment with one of the College of Engineering advisors or counselors, visit the College of Engineering Advisors page.

General University Resources

For Transfer Students

For International Students

For Honors Students