Engineering Technology students

Undergraduate students at the Department of Engineering Technology gain hands-on experience in engineering technology and technical studies through exemplary faculty mentors, dynamic academic programs and real-world research.

Degree Programs

Students in the Department of Engineering Technology select one of the following programs:


Manufacturing Engineering Technology Certificate

The BSET in Mechanical Engineering Technology with the MEFT certificate will enhance your opportunities to advance toward a rewarding career in the manufacturing sector. Learn more about the program.

Nuclear Power Technology Certificate

Earn a Texas A&M Certificate in Nuclear Power Technology by taking 12 credits of NUET courses in Engineering Technology. The Certificate features online instruction from A&M and a face-to-face component here at Discovery Park.

BSET Coursework

In your first year as a student in the Department of Engineering Technology, you will take basic courses in mathematics and science including physics, computer science and chemistry.

These classes lead to courses in the major concentration area, for example:

  • Construction methods and materials
  • Circuit analysis
  • Technological systems
  • Electronic properties of materials
  • Fluid mechanics applications

In your final year, you can choose from a variety of technical elective courses that will provide you with an in-depth understanding of your chosen major concentration. Seniors also complete a Senior Design course sequence in the major concentration which utilizes the theory and skill sets acquired through previous coursework.

BSET Mathematics and Science Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology has the following mathematics and science requirements:

Two mathematics courses:

  • MATH 1710 – Calculus I
  • MATH 1720 – Calculus II

Three science courses:

  • CHEM 1410 – General Chemistry for Science Majors
  • PHYS 1710 – Mechanics
  • PHYS 2220 – Electricity and Magnetism

Learn more about engineering technology courses: